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Poker Online Casinos For US Players

Online Poker For US Players

July 18, 2018

Online Poker For US Players


This article provides information about online poker for US players. Before choosing and playing at any pokerroom, read our article and check our “best sites to play poker online” list.

Things New US Poker Players Should Know

All new poker players should take the time to learn what they do not know, which is a lot. There are millions of poker players that have come and gone, but the lessons they have learned are still relevant to the new poker player logging into a poker room for the first time. Learning from the mistakes of players who have gone before you is one of the best ways to save money before playing a single hand. It is this information that can help novice players avoid falling victim to the more experienced players who love to prey upon the weak and bad players. Though this is a general list of guidelines, the information contained within is quite useful and may just get a new player started on the correct footing. While poker rules are simple to learn it is important to learn other aspects of the poker game as well.

1. Seek out and play against the fish

In poker the fish are bad, weak, and/or inexperienced poker players. While you may be a beginner and considered to be the fish at the table, you can avoid acting like a fish if you know a few things the fish do not. With that in mind, even with your own inexperience you should be seeking to play poker against opponents who are worse than you. This is especially true as your skill level improves because you will be able to extract more money from the weak and bad players as they tend to make mistakes more frequently.

2. Avoid playing too many hands

New poker players make the mistake of getting into too many pots with marginal hand that they do not know how to play to win. Very experienced poker players know how to use position and other elements of the real money poker game in order to win with marginal hands, but as a beginner you should be more selective with your starting hands.

3. Avoid bluffing excessively

Many new poker players mistakenly believe that poker is a game of bluffing; this cannot be further from the truth. In fact, experienced poker players know that the bluff should be utilised sparingly. Inexperienced players who bluff too often are found to be unbelievable by their opponents and are then called down and beaten. For a bluff to be successful it must be believable, which means that it cannot be the rule to how you play each hand, but the exception to the rule. Knowing the correct time and circumstance to bluff comes with knowledge and practice.

4. Position at the poker table is very important

As mentioned earlier, more experienced poker players know how to use position in order to be successful playing marginal hands. When you have position at a poker table you are able to better control the pot and the hand. The reason this is possible is that having position over your opponents’ means you get to see their actions before you have to make any decisions regarding your hand and the pot. The best position at the table is the button because the player on the button is the very last player to act. This player gets to see the actions of all the other players before having to act. This means that more times than not players on the button can widen the range of starting hands they play and take control of the table.

5. Pay attention

New players that read Online Poker For US Players sometimes do not see the importance of paying attention to their opponents’ game play. This is especially true when the player is not active in a hand. You should be watching your opponents; studying their actions and looking for their tendencies no matter if you are actively playing the hand or it you have folded and are waiting for a new hand to be dealt. Understanding your opponents and their playing styles is of the utmost importance because poker is not just a game of cards, but it is also a game of people. Many times the decision you will make about what action to take in a particular situation with a certain type of hand will be partially based upon the types of opponents you face at that moment. So give the game of poker your full attention whether you are playing the hand or just watching and waiting for the next hand.

Online Poker USA

The WSOP bracelet

Anyone who follows poker know of the WSOP or World Series of Poker. It is a huge series of poker tournaments held annually since the 1970s. Some of the best players in the world compete to win huge cash prizes in the tournaments held in Las Vegas, but cash is not the only thing the players are interested in as there is also a prestigious “trophy” that most would consider to be the prestigious of professional poker prizes… The WSOP bracelets. The WSOP bracelets have existed as prizes in the World Series since 1976 and the bracelets have become more important and more desired ever since. To start with in 1976, the bracelets were very simple, unadorned gold bracelets that some have described as “gold nuggets kind of hammered flat”.

In the very early days, the bracelets themselves were of not much importance to the players compared to the cash prizes, however since then they have slowly grown into the trophy like symbol that they are today. The simple gold design remained unchanged until 2005 when the owners of the WSOP changed and a new designer was chosen to design the new bracelet every year. The designs since 2005 have changed every year, but they still share the same elements of brash amounts of gold, silver, diamonds, rubies and more. There have been an incredible amount of WSOP bracelets handed out over the years to both WSOP and WSOPE winners, a total of 1008 altogether, however the biggest achievers among them have multiple bracelets. The current holder of the most bracelet wins is a player by the name of Phil Hellmuth who has a total of 13 bracelets that he has gathered over the years. The player who owns the second highest number of bracelets is Doyle Brunson, who oddly enough doesn’t actually regard the bracelets as anything more than just a bracelet and has even not bothered to pick up two of the bracelets he won!

Apart from Doyle Brunson, the WSOP bracelets are now a highly regarded prize that many professional poker players desire simply because it symbolises winning in one of the biggest poker tournaments around. The bracelet for this years World Series of Poker was designed and fabricated by ‘Jason of Beverly Hills’ was a wonderfully crafted piece made from white gold and diamond that was worth a massive 500,000 US dollars, making it one of the most valuable trophies to be given out in any sport worldwide! This year’s bracelet was even customised to have the two winning cards incorporated into the design.

Online Pokerrooms For US Players

The World’s Biggest and Best Poker Tours and Tournaments

1. World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker is by far one of the biggest and best poker tournaments in the world. The tournaments origins date back to 1970, when it was made up of just seven of the best known players and the winner was determined by a secret ballot. By 2004, Harrah’s Entertainment (now Caesars Entertainment) had acquired the rights to the WSOP and since, the annual event has been held in Las Vegas. Over the years, the tournament has grown in size both in terms of number of participants and number of events and is now considered one of the biggest tournaments across the globe. When you think of the WSOP, the infamous gold bracelet which is awarded to the winner of each even probably comes to mind. As well as this, winners receive a monetary prize which is determined by the number of entrants to the tournament as well as the buy-in amounts. The tournament, which usually takes place over six weeks, concludes with the $10,000 no-limit hold’em “Main Event”. This is the highlight of the tournament each year, and is responsible for attracting entrants numbering in thousands. The winner of the Main Event receives a multi-million dollar cash prize and a gold bracelet. Due to its size and popularity, the winner of the WSOP Main Event has is considered to be the World Champion of Poker. This year’s WSOP will run from 29th May to 15th July and will feature 62 events.

2. World Poker Tour

Although the World Poker Tour isn’t a tournament in its own right, it makes the list because it brings together some of the biggest international tournaments to compile an impressive Poker Tour. The World Poker Tour began in the US, set up by TV producer and attorney Steven Lipscomb who served as CEO of WPT Enterprises, the company that controlled the WPT until November 2009. Like the WSOP, in 2008 the WPT began offering bracelets to its event winners. The poker tour typically runs from May – April and incorporates some unmissable tournaments including the WPT Championship, PartyPoker WPT Canadian Spring Championship, WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open, WPT Malta and more. In 2009, PartyGaming acquired the WPT from the previous owners (WPTE) for a reported $12,300,000.

3. Aussie Millions

The Aussie Millions, began as the ‘Crown Australian Poker Championship’ in 1998. The Main Event was a $1,000 buy-in Limit Hold’emevent which attracted a field of 74 entries. By 2003, the tournament had gone international attracting a field of 122 entrants and a $1. 2 prize pool. The tournament hit new heights in 2005 when it attracted a record field of 263 participants each paying $10,000 to enter the No-Limit Hold’em Main Event creating a prize pool of $2,630,000, the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. More than half of this field have travelled from countries including New Zealand, England, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, USA, Sweden, Holland, Canada and others. The annual tournament takes place across three weeks in January; the heart of the summer for the Aussies. This means not only will you find some great Poker events, you will also enjoy all that attracts thousands of tourists to Melbourne each year. What’s more, the Aussie Millions isn’t the only big poker tournament to take place at this time of year. The Australian Open is also held in January in Melbourne adding to the impressive atmosphere which is created around the tournament each year.

4. Latin American Poker Tour Brazil

The LAPT is run by PokerStars and whilst still relatively new, it is easily one of the more notable tournaments of the year. The Latin American Poker Tour is one of the fairly new tournaments which have been created by PokerStars, and is the counterpart to the European Poker Tour, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour and the North American Poker Tour. Most of the events on the Latin American Poker Tour are worth noting, but if you had to visit just one it would most definitely be the Brazil leg. And thats not just down to the Poker. Brazil boasts some of the greatest parties in the world, and the Carnival is usually around the same time as the LAPT Brazil, which is another great reason to hit this leg of the tour.

5. European Poker Tour

The European Poker Tour is Europe’s richest and most popular Poker Tour. It is yet another on the list that is brought to you by Pokerstars. The tour features 13 stops with destinations across Europe including Berlin, Vilamoura, Prague and even the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas which holds the record as the richest poker tournament ever held outside of Las Vegas.

USA Online Poker

The Biggest Poker Tournament Of All Time

One of the developments since poker has become such an international phenomenon is that the stakes of the game continue to rise higher and higher. For a long time, the $10,000 buy-in at the World Series of Poker Main Event was the most expensive tournament that a player could enter, but that has long since changed. The WSOP added a Player’s Championship event with a $50,000 buy-in and several other global poker series have instituted what is known as High Roller and Super High Roller events. These tournaments feature a stratospheric buy-in of hundreds of thousands of dollars, with the top ones requiring each player to pay $250,000 for their chance of the pie.

However, an event in 2012 would raise the bar even further, becoming the biggest poker tournament of all time. Called the Big One for One Drop, this tournament was included on the schedule of the 2012 WSOP and immediately drew tons of attention based on the money involved. Organized by Guy de Laliberte, a well-known poker amateur and Cirque de Soleil founder, the event would feature a $1 million buy-in and be limited to only 48 total players. The result from this grand event was that a single player would take home a top prize of more than $18 million for their efforts, easily the largest payday in poker tournament history. However, this biggest poker tournament of all time was more than just about the cards. From each $1 million entry, $100,000 was slated to be donated to the One Drop charity, an organization concerned with making sure that everyone in the world has access to the basic necessity of clean drinking water. With so much potential for life-changing winnings, Laliberte was correct in his assumption that professionals and business owners from around the world would be willing to pay the hefty price as well as the charitable commission. The event was completely full and featured not only the brightest poker stars but also amateurs that wanted a shot at winning the most prestigious poker tournament in history. In the end, it came down to two professional players to decide who would go down in the record books.

Antonio Esfandiari, a poker player with Iranian heritage who lives in Las Vegas, found himself up against Sam Trickett, a British player well-known for having nerves of steel at the poker table. Continuing with a calm demeanor that he had throughout the event, Esfandiari was able to vanquish his opponent and become part of poker lore. The impressive payday of more than $18 million was split between an elated Esfandiari and several members of the poker community that had purchased shares of his action before the tournament started.

USA Online Poker For Real Money

The Value In Playing Modern Online Poker

When online poker first came into vogue then many players all over the world were making considerable money for a while and some were becoming very rich playing cash games. The most successful of them were coming into online poker from other areas like financial trading, engineering and mathematics simply because of the profit potential that existed within the game. Staggering earn rates were being recorded by the best online players and $500 per hour or more was achieved by a few players at the top.

Some online poker rooms that had sportsbooks and casinos attached to them were very lucrative. Then along came the UIGEA and “Black Friday” along with a plethora of coaching sites and instructional material and suddenly the online arena became a whole lot tougher to make huge money. These days making $1 million per year from online poker is probably in the realm of a very tiny number of high stakes professionals who have the stomach and the bankroll to play so high. The rest have to make do with playing middle limits or lower. Even the middle limits these days are populated by top class players and so earning good money from these levels is also tough. So just what is the future of online poker as a massive earner? Well the good days have certainly gone and have probably gone for good unless the US market returns or there is a breakthrough in say other global areas. However this doesn’t mean that the future earning potential is gone… far from it! While the capacity has gone to become rich, the capacity is still there to play online poker professionally or even semi-professionally.

The earning capability at the very top of online poker now deters the serious poker playing entrepreneurs from dipping their toe. Some of the bigger players or players that have bigger fish to fry are not going to play online poker for $25/hr or $35/hr. These entrepreneur types can simply make more money doing something else. If you showed them $500/hr then they may be interested but this doesn’t mean that online poker is dead… far from it. What it does mean though is that we need to be more realistic with regards to our earning potential. Remember that $40/hr is a very substantial income and the good thing about making that income at the lower levels is that you will always be in action.

There are still huge volumes of new players coming into poker at the bottom levels who are either uneducated in the nuances of the game or are simply playing recreationally. This will continue to happen long into the future and remember that in many countries then online poker income is untaxed. So for a 40hr per week working pro who was making a totally feasible $30/hr then this would be $60,000 per year untaxed income which is equivalent to around $100k per year in a normal job. There are not that many careers with that sort of earning potential which still pitches poker right up there with most careers.

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The Top Five Poker Movies Of All Time

As a poker fan, there is a limited amount of interpretations within the mainstream media. Poker does not make for good lyrics, so it is not commonly mentioned in music. It does not make for good mainstream TV; it only appeals as a TV show for those that are die-hard fans or players themselves. It can work in a movie, but with poker being the basis it may not reach such high viewing levels – and without this, there is likely not a budget to move forward with the movie plan from the start. However, there have been quite a few poker movies that have come out with top actors and actresses. In the past 50 years, they have definitely found their place. While everyone will have preference, here are five top poker movies from all generations that truly presented the game with a compelling story:

1) Rounders (1998)

Rounders is truly the best pure poker movie in existence and has attracted many unknown fans to get involved in the game. It features Matt Damon and Ed Norton, whom play against poker sharks that have ulterior motives for their winnings. In the film, Matt Damon’s character gets into law school, while Ed Norton’s character ends up in jail. When he got out, the two paired up to face the shark, which they were still in debt to, in playing more hands of poker.

2) Maverick (1994)

Maverick is a Western comedy, featuring Mel Gibson in the main role. He played “Bret Maverick” whom was both a successful poker player and a con artist. It took the concept from the 1950’s TV series and added an enjoyable amount of lighthearted charm and comedy. The costume and sets were also very compelling and his co-star character, which was played by Jodie Foster, was spot on.

3) The Cincinnati Kid (1964)

This film is a classic movie that just so happened to be centered on the game of poker. It featured Steve McQueen as the “Cincinnati Kid” and Edward G Robinson as the “Man” to beat. The entire movie is based around the game, which makes it very popular amongst the true poker community.

4) Casino Royale (2006)

As a newer addition to the James Bond collection, Daniel Craig made his first attempt at the demanding role. The movie centered on a high stakes poker tournament, which was held at Casino Royale in Montenegro. James Bond makes it into the tournament and then mayhem ensues, in typical James Bond fashion.

5) Croupier (1998)

Featuring Clive Owen as an aspiring writer that gets hired to be a croupier at a casino, this grim movie entails the working life as a croupier. Early into his new job, he realizes that this particular line of work would translate well to a story subject for a novel. As various events play out, the story begins to unravel and a casino heist becomes the focal point of the movie – which leaves the croupier with a much heavier job.

Online Poker For Money USA

The shotgun method works just fine in poker

Firstly the shotgun method isn’t anything to do with actually using a shotgun but more to do with a way of coming to a fairly accurate decision and not one that is totally accurate. Firstly let me ask you a question and that question is “what would be the best poker decision that you could ever make?” The answer to that would be one that was 100% accurate given all available data. However, because poker is a game where much of the information is hidden from us, we do not have 100% of the data to work with.

Also in poker and especially online poker then we only have a very small amount of time to make a decision where we explained on So we have to find a method that is both fast and reasonably accurate and this is called “the shotgun method”. It is often derided in many avenues because of its “lack of accuracy”. However the mathematical so called experts in poker often don’t make the biggest winners. Let us say that hypothetically you could find one hand per hour where you could make a poker decision that was 100% accurate and in that one hand you showed a profit of $60 per hand. Now let us say that another player could find twenty hands per hour with a 70% accuracy level for a profit of $10 per hand. Suddenly with a much lower level of accuracy the second player is making more than three times the amount of money that the first player is making. In the world of online poker where volume is very important then there has to be a balance between accuracy and volume to reach an optimal earnings level. This is similar in nature to the balance that needs to be achieved in tournament poker between survival and chip accumulation. A player needs both but if they are biased too far in either direction then they either get blinded away or bust out prematurely. This is similar to online poker where increased volume and liquidity allow us to exercise our hopefully superior skills on more tables. Doing so reduces accuracy but we need to do that in order to make more money. Once our accuracy reaches a level where we are spewing then we have clearly reached and surpassed the optimal number of tables that we can play.

Online Poker For American Players

The Legend That is Doyle Brunson

The game has transformed from an image of underground pokerrooms filled with gangsters and criminals playing for cigarettes in prison to young online players and high flying executives playing online. The highest level of the game has moved from players who fly by the seat of their pants to those who are calculated, highly educated and possibly have a bit more of an aggressive style. Players like Vanessa Selbst and Randy Lew who studied Law and Managerial Economics respectively. Doyle Brunson is one player who has had a huge impact in the world of poker. He has played high stakes poker for 50 years. Three amazing facts about Doyle Brunson:

1. He was a very talented athlete. He had college scholarships for both basketball and athletics. He went on to play in the NBA for the then-Minneapolis Lakers, but his career was unexpectedly cut short when he broke his leg in an accident at his part-time factory job.

2. He wrote one of the most influential poker books in 1978, called “Doyle Brunson’s Super System – A course in Power Poker“. The book was hugely popular and many students of the game started to develop his aggressive power play poker style that we see a lot online today.

3. In Texas Hold’em the starting hand 10-2 is known as the “Doyle Brunson” hand. In the 1976 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Doyle was in a strong position heads up against Jesse Alto, as he had the chip lead. They were playing for a huge $220,000 first place prize. One hand saw Alto raise with A-J, followed by a call from Brunson with 10-2 suited. The flop came A-J-10, making Alto a huge favourite, but when Alto made a pot-sized bet Brunson was not phased and fitting with his aggressive style he raised all-in. A player with a marginal hand may well have folded, but Alto correctly made the call and Brunson was a big underdog. The turn came a 2, giving Brunson a smaller two-pair. The river card was a 10, which gave Brunson a massive back door full-house and $220,000 which was shocked Alto and onlookers. In the 1977 WSOP, the 10-2 hand came up trumps again, as he made another crucial full-house on the way to the title! And you guessed it…. It was on the river! No wonder he likes the hand. Doyle Brunson has won 10 WSOP bracelets, has finished in the money 35 times and is still playing at the highest level at the age of 79. Enough said!

Online Poker For USA Players

The Importance Of Balance When Playing Poker Game For Real Money

You may have read in some poker literature about the importance of having a balanced style or a balanced hand range in certain situations. Whilst this concept is probably more important in cash games – as you’ll play more hands against the same opponents at the same “blind levels” – it is also important to take it into consideration in multi-table tournaments, especially if you play against the same bunch of players a lot in a local casino or home game. Being balanced or having a balanced range means that you’ll take a similar or the same action with a wide range of hands. By being balanced it makes it harder for opponents to read you and makes it more difficult to narrow your hand range and thus play well at you. Whilst you’re trying to put your opponent’s on a hand range, they’ll be doing the same to you.

If you’ve ever heard someone say ‘he had a polarized range’ this is the opposite of being balanced, if someone is polarized they either have a strong hand or a weak hand. So to become balanced we have to become a little unpredictable and not take the same action with the same hand strength every time, but at the same time we don’t want to fall into the trap of trying to be balanced, for balancing sakes and start check-raising the river with air, because we usually only ever do it with a strong hand. There are some simple ways to become balanced without burning equity and the best time to do it is on boards where, realistically, our opponent has few cards that can improve him on the next street or where we are either way ahead or way behind. For instance if you only ever c-bet on the flop with big aces when you connect with the board players will be able to safely fold if you fire and if you don’t they’ll bet the turn and/or river to take you off an unimproved ace high. However, if you sometimes (say 25% of the time) check a dry ace high board on the flop with top pair, you become less predictable and can get opponents to pay you off with worse hands. It’s a lot safer to check an A-8-3 rainbow flop than a A-10-9 two tone board though, so don’t check back for the sake of it. Likewise, checking a flush draw in position is a way to balance your range, most players who flop four to a flush, with the betting lead and position will always bet and it’s a fine reason to bet. But, if you always, always bet a flush draw in that position, when you suddenly don’t an observant opponent will be able to take flush draws out of your range, be able to put you on a much narrower range and be able to represent the flush should it complete regardless of whether he has it or not knowing that you can’t.

Being deceptive and checking a flush draw in position can pay dividends should it complete, because by checking it on the flop most opponents will rate it much less likely for you to have a flush. Another way to balance is with pre-flop three-bets. If you only ever re-raised with AA, KK and QQ pre-flop then opponents would safely be able to throw away their strong, but beaten hands, like jacks in the knowledge they were behind. So you balance this in two ways, firstly you can just flat call with your monster hands on occasion so that when you just flat call pre-flop opponents now have to consider monsters and hands like A-10, and smaller pocket pairs. And, you can widen your three-betting range so that when you do re-raise pre-flop an opponent is left guessing as to whether it’s aces, kings, jack-ten or 6-5 suited.

If you can avoid playing a certain hand or group of hands the same way all the time you’ll become a lot harder to play against and keep your opponents guessing. Just don’t worry too much about being perfectly balanced, it’s always fine to fold 10-2 off suit, just don’t tell Doyle Brunson.

Real Money Online Poker US

WSOP Main Event Winning Hands

The Worlds Series of Poker Main Event is arguably the poker world’s most prestigious event. Whether the Champion defeats 6 players as Johnny Moss did in 1971 or 6. 352 as did 2013 champ Ryan Riess, he secures a place in poker history. The champion has always faced stiff competition and regardless of the number of runners demonstrated considerable poker skill. The final hands of the Main Event show the true nature of the game.

The Best Hand in Poker

Every player loves to wake up with pocket Aces and is more than willing to put all the chips in the middle preflop. Surprisingly pocket Aces have never won the WSOP Main Event. Bobby Huff and Dewey Tomko both lost the Main Event holding Aces to 7-6 and K-Q.

The Best Drawing Hand in Poker

One of the axioms of tournament poker is that you have to win with A-K and beat A-K to win a poker tournament. Ace-King has only been the winning hand twice in the Main Event. Pius Heinz held Big Slick in 2011 and Ryan Riess held the hand in 2013. Ace King has never lost the final hand.

The Most Famous Final Hand

Doyle Brunson has many poker history making moments. When he won the Main Event in back to back years holding 10-2, the hand became one of the most well known in poker and the only hand to be named after a poker player.

The Hammer

Poker’s worst hand, 7-2 has never been involved in the final Main Event hand. Joe Hachem did win with The Hammer’s little cousin 7-3.

Pocket Pairs

The strength of pocket pairs debatable if you only look at WSOP ME final hands. Pocket pairs have 11 victories and 7 defeats. The main thing a look at the final hands of the World Series of Poker teaches players is the importance of varying your hand. If you take Phil Helmuth’s (or any other text) top starting hands, they have won the ME only 12 times, and have lost 6. On the other hand connectors like 5-4 and J-10 have won 14 times and lost only 6. Small pairs have held up a decent number of times as well. Doyle Brunson has said that “poker is a game about people that is played with cards“. Looking at the final hands of the WSOP Main Event illustrate just how valid that is.

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Switching to deep stacked play

The term “deep stack” came into parlance some years ago and it is a term used to describe poker when played with a stack of 200bb or more. In fact in some cash games then it isn’t uncommon for players to have 500bb or more. The dynamics of how poker is played shift dramatically when stacks become far deeper. As a rule then players tend to gravitate more towards the nuts as the risk becomes far larger. This process is a natural one because most of us at some stage would be afraid to risk considerable sums of money. So what this effectively means is that hand values change when the stacks become deeper and it is this shift that traps a lot of players when their stacks deepen. A player for example may start out buying into an online poker site for the 100bb maximum. He may then double up after winning a big pot and suddenly have 200bb. Then he wins another 150bb and is feeling happy with himself to be sat with 350bb and 250bb in total profit.

However and here is the key thing, the game has changed considerably and if he plays some hands for his entire stack in the same way that he would if he were sitting with 100bb then he is making gross errors. Let us take a look at a hand like A-K to show you what I mean when it is played in a tournament set up like with 40bb. Any player wouldn’t be making much of an error stacking off with A-K pre-flop for 40bb. In fact if they flopped top pair and top kicker then it would be terribly tight to fold on the flop when the blinds and antes are escalating rapidly. In cash games though then your opponents are not only playing tighter than in the middle stages of a tournament but they are also able to buy back in if they lose their stack.

In cash games the average stack is far deeper than in a tournament and this makes a huge difference. In true deep stacked play then you need to build hands that gravitate towards the nuts or near nuts. So a hand like A-K is going to flop a lot of top pair type hands or two pair but its straight and flush making potential is restricted. A hand like A-5s is a great deep stacked hand because you can make the nut flush and the almost certain nut straight on a board of 4-3-2 because the 6-5 combination is unlikely. A hand like 7-6s would much prefer to make a straight in a big pot than a flush. On boards like A-9-8-5-2 then you have the nuts with a straight assuming no flush possibility but if you make a flush then your flush is only seven high and beaten by many higher flushes. So your hand selection needs to be different to what you would do were you to be playing a much shorter stack.

Play Poker For Real Money


There is much debate regarding hand reading skill and analysis and much of it is theoretical in nature and not in tune with the actual reality of a poker game. In the speeded up environment of an online poker game for US players against opposition that are not top class then the shotgun method of hand categorisation will work just fine and is in fact optimal and this includes all levels up to and including the $100 levels. This is especially the case on the softer sites and networks that have casinos and sportsbooks attached. So in poker you are striving to achieve accuracy but not total accuracy if you want to maximise your earn rate. In life we are constantly surrounded by situations where shotgun methods are the optimal way to go. For example when you are driving a motorcar and you are forced into an evasive manoeuvre to avoid a collision then the accuracy of your manoeuvre is of far lesser importance than simply avoiding the accident.

You had to combine speed of thought with a decent result and as long as you achieve your goal of avoiding the accident then your result has been optimal. There is simply not enough time for a thorough analysis of the situation and so shotgun methods work well.

Author: Johnson Bleder – Expert of Online Poker For US Players

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    Online Casinos for Video Poker Players Summary Stargames is of course your one and only destination when it comes to playing the Original American Poker 2 game. However there are some nice alternative games out there as well. The question is: at which one should you play? Which providers are reputable and are guaranteeing a pay-out of your winnings? The video poker online casino for US players has become a fixture in Europe’s gambling scene. It is part of the Betsson group, and therefore we also can warmly recommend its sister site, Betsson Casino, for playing. However, we still like…
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  • 58
    Casino gambling games - Know it all Summary One of the best things about online gambling experience is that you could enjoy a much diverse portfolio of Casino gambling games as compared with going to a real casino. Have you checked out Poker? In the rest of this article, we shall focus on different and most popular casino gambling games. To begin with, Poker is one of the most famous casino games which are widely played all around the world. Like with the other casino gambling games, it has multiple versions. As of now, one of the most popular versions…
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  • 56
    Revise a Short Guide to Bluffing Summary Tip 1 First of all, avoid bluffing when there are several gamers within. To increase ones chances of winning, bluff when there are handful competitors at the table. Otherwise, the contenders identify ones last moves and that particular player might face troublesome while contending to win. All in all, some players bluff really wisely to omit any challenges regardless of the population at the table. Tip 2 It is also imperative to embrace tight style of play at all time. This kind of play is straight forward to bluff. Conversely, always commit to…
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    About Real Money Casinos For US Players Summary In an alarmingly lengthy time it really has been usual that most online casinos isn't regulated by any means. Which means online casino profession is actually just as the good old Wild West. Then it has not been straightforward for on line casino gamers to pinpoint a safe and secure casino online to play at. In order to avoid unjust gambling houses numerous casino guide web-sites has begun to show up on the internet market. This makes it much easier to decide on a secure and protected on line casino. Real money…
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    Lake Palace mobile online casino review Summary Lake Palace one of the giant when it comes to real money mobile gambling for US players. They provide second to none quality gaming apps for all mobile devices in USA. This is one of the few secure US online mobile providers, with the reputation of proving safe and exhilarating gaming experience in USA. They supply high tech casino games such as Tomb Raider, Bingo Bonanza, Major Millions, Dragon Fortune, Mega Moolah, Mermaids Millions, Thunderstruck, Blackjack, Royal Derby, Roulette and many others. Players can be assured that they will find their best mobile…
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    Summary It is good practice as an USA online casino player to keep informed about the best, most innovative casino sites in the industry as this will make such a difference to the quality of your online gambling experience. With this aim in mind, Golden Lion Casino is a reputable casino site that as a player is worth your while knowing more about. They have a very large number of casino games to choose from, with a user-friendly site and great customer service in place. When you land on their site you will find over 220 casino games on offer…
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    Basic Pachinko Rules Summary When it comes online gambling and the different games available it is impossible to be aware of all of them. There are many gaming options available and one game which is really popular is Pachinko. The Packinko game and Pachinko rules originated in Japan and started out as a form of recreational arcade games. It then become popular as a gambling game and today you can find Pachinko machines all over the world at physical casinos as well as at online casinos. Balls are bought by paying certain amounts on an USA slots machine. The catch…
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  • 51
    Money Management Summary If you want to win at the baccarat casino game, then you need to think like a winner. Make sure that you are focused on winning and don’t get caught up in the game. To think like a winner, you need to set a strategy and stick to it. You will not get excited from one win nor will you get down because of a few loses. The most important thing about playing live baccarat like a winner is knowing when to stop. Conclusion If you don’t stop while you are ahead or run out of your…
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    Real Gambling Now Summary The obsession of real gambling is quite rampant these days and more and more people are switching towards online casinos for fun and entertainment. However, real casinos are still very significant. Have you tried online casinos? Gambling has always been very popular especially in Western countries and it exists in many forms. In this regard, many people go to real money online casinos for US players to enjoy real gambling. Before we move on to online gambling webpages, it is pertinent to mention here that people have made a lot of money through real gambling undoubtedly…
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  • 48
    Summary Playing slot machine game at brand new online casinos for US players is the most popular game out of all other. This game is having more than millions of players and fans. The game is completely full of mysterious. Actually as the name it predicts that this gives you the most effective range if game technology. And thus the gaming is being lib=ked by most of the people all over the world. The game developers are really very much creative in their mind. And thinking beyond what we are expecting actually the best game is the one which is…
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  • 48
    5 casino table games Summary Casino gambling may seem complicated to people new to the arena. There are many different types of casino table games, each with its own rules. Some games have higher payouts than others. Here are five table games in most online casinos for US players for real money are found. Blackjack Blackjack is one of the most popular table games. The aim is to get a higher hand of cards than the dealer without going over 21 points. First, you must place a bet in the betting area, usually represented by a circle or square to…
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  • 47
    Winning at Casinos Summary Our basic rule for you to win at casinos is that you must use bonuses. A lot of casinos offer bonuses. But the most interesting are only casinos with low wager requirements. You better deposit 300 USD to receive the 50% bonus and play 20*bonus wager to withdraw it. Instructions: 1. Register by entering your true details. 2. Download the casino software, install it on your pc, run and enter your login details. 3. Make a deposit to online casinos for U.S. players and it is recommended to deposit $300, then you have big chances to…
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  • 47
    BOVegas Casino Bonus – $150 from code WINBIG Summary Update: Use BOVegas Casino Coupon Code: WINBIG150% up to $1000 FREE BonusIf you look around the internet at all of the online casinos, you’ll see that virtually all of them have a bonus of some kind to share. What is not certain however is the nature of those online casinos bonuses. The BOVegas Casino Bonus by its very construction is ideal for new players and that in turn means that it is likely one of the best general online casino bonuses out there. You will need to use bonus code WINBIG…
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    Why Is It Important to Develop a Casino Strategy? Summary There is no doubt about the fact that casinos are immensely popular these days and the number of people getting attracted to this form of gaming is increasing day by day. One of the main reasons behind this rapid surge in the popularity of casinos is convenience which you get by playing in US online casinos. The purpose of this article is rather more specific. It pertains to the casino strategy and casino advisory and it is important to bear in mind that this topic has been in debate since…
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    The app with the simple title of Craps Summary Craps is available for most devices. Craps is free and offers good practice if you plan to live in a real casino. Craps does not use real money, but it is known for its stunning graphics. It shows real dice and adds authentic gaming features to the game. Craps is an effective time-occupiers and can help you to get in the zone for an upcoming casino trip. My Craps Game: My Craps Game only works with Kindle tablets. It will not work on the phone, even if you have an Android…
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    5 Craps Mobile Casinos Summary If you are looking for gambling apps for your smartphone or tablet, you should consider certain features. First, the games should be realistic. Of course, they are not identical to those in Las Vegas, but it authentic enough that you should focus serious about your betting and gaming. They should also betting is needs in relation to wager that meet limits and payment options. A popular casino game craps is to predict the players, and bet on the numbers will occur, if they roll a pair of dice. The following craps apps feature a comfortable…
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  • 45
    Online casino prism casino gaming in real time (RTG) by the Casino group virtual casino online casinos approved. Prism Casino is licensed in Costa Rica. Almost all the RTG games offered can be found at Prism Casino. A series of 80 games with 10 progressive jack as spots are available on the website. Through a user can play the classic casino and five reel slots to play three blackjack, craps, baccarat roulette, keno and video poker table can be played in category games. For exciting player and enthusiastic as a high mountain, then the Play online casino games and VIP…
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    Along with USA casino portals providing one-sided Summary Testimonials and even ratings there are 3 aspects you'll want to think of in order to make a knowledgeable selection that will make you select your most suitable online casino: Choose Acceptance – which American online casino for US players gets the a lot of online players? Internet players are often the honest specialists and will eventually obviously move far from bad internet sites and move towards the best kinds. Find Bonus deals – what online casinos actually deliver the best bonus deals? You'll find several thousand bonus secret guides yet unfortunately…
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