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Bingo Online Casinos For US Players

Bingo Online Casinos For US Players

July 18, 2018

Bingo Cams Review


Live Bingo. co. USA is a website that allows you to play bingo with other players while online. The kind of bingo played on this website is 90 ball, which means those who play are given cards with the numbers 1 to 90 on them. There are several steps for setting up to play bingo on this site, first you need to sign up and log in which is fairly straightforward. Next you choose the room you want to play bingo in, you are helped along by the room selector which tells you how much the cards are in each room and how many people are playing in them. Then all you have to do is buy your cards and start playing, it’s that simple. A fun thing about this site is that when you win money either your profile picture or your webcam if it is switched on is displayed to all on the site, so people can see you celebrate your win. This can be an enjoyable way to gain popularity on the site and make new friends.

However, if you are camera shy and don’t want your webcam shown when you win you can always choose to disable this function. Other cool features at bingo online casinos for US players include being able to animate your cards if you wish to or changing the voice that announces your bingo numbers to being either male or female. Also, if you are new to the site and not sure what buttons do what the website will add text to the buttons describing their function to help ease you into playing the game. Live Bingo offers progressive jackpots, which means that the prize money keeps rising until it is won by someone. The two progressive jackpots offered are the Big Bang Progressive Jackpot and Room Jackpots. The Big Bang jackpot is applied to all rooms on the site, it is the largest of the jackpots and is not won very often, this means that when a player does win they win big. There are five room jackpots and these include the BingBling Jackpot, The Bubblegum Jackpot, The Celebrity Jackpot, The Hollywood Jackpot and the Millionaire Jackpot. The rising price of all these jackpots are constantly displayed on the site, so you can see the money going up and up until it is eventually won. There are various bonuses that players can get on this website. All new players get a bonus of $5 once they have signed up and created their account. Also, wen you make your first deposit with Bingcams they will give you a 200% bonus on whatever you have deposited up to a sum of $100.

Bingo Online Casinos For US Players

Furthermore, any deposits you make following your first deposit will be given a 50% reload bonus up $125. Other bonuses include the Live Win Moment bonus where you are given 15% on your win if you have your webcam on and people can see you when you win, also there’s the Status Bonuses where regular players can get up $20,000 simply for having been loyal to the site. There are also chat games that you can play on Live Bingo such as Run for the Money, where once your ball has been called you need to be the first to type in ‘money’ to win your prize, and Lucky Pair where you need to watch until both your balls are called and then type in ‘lucky pair’ to win the prize. To add a little fun to the site Live Bingo run various special events such as the Silly Wig Party where players could win extra cash for wearing a funny wig during their live win moment.

All in all, Live Bingo is a great site where you can have fun, meet new people, and thoroughly enjoy your time playing bingo. Their jackpots are big and they offer some great bonuses to both new and existing players alike.

Bingo Cams Promotions

Live Bingo is a webcam bingo site that offers online bingo players the opportunity to see each other as they play by using the site’s unique webcam platform. In addition to this extraordinary feature, Live Bingo is also known to host a series of lucrative bingo promotions for its players. For instance, new bingo players will benefit from the free $5 sign up bonus which will allow them to check out the Live Bingo site without spending a penny! Upon registering bingo players will be given a 200% welcome bonus up to $100 that will add value to their money. There is also a 50% re-deposit bonus available to existing players up to a sum of $125. To complement its webcam platform, Live Bingo. co. USA has a special promotion called the Live Win Moment, where players who send in the funniest recording of their live reaction to winning a full house at Live Bingo will receive a $1,000 prize.

Live Bingo will also give you 15% on your full house winnings if you allow them to use your video for promotional purposes. Another great promotional feature at Live Bingo is its Bouncing Bonus game, where players will have to click the special bouncing ball to activate the bonus. The Live Bingo site also has daily, weekly and monthly promotions for its players. This includes the Tuesday Tunesday offer where players will get to play musical quizzes and win small bingo bonuses ranging from 50p to $8. Other great offers at the site are its rewarding chat games with big prizes, progressive jackpots, special bingo bonus codes, free bingo games, seasonal bingo tourneys and the site’s mystery bingo bonus.

Bingo Online Casinos For US Players

Bingo Cams Jackpot – Progressive Bingo JackpotWhen it comes to jackpots, Live Bingo has an amazing line up of special progressive jackpots for its players to win. Live Bingo gives special importance to its jackpots and features a jackpot prizeboard that lists the current prize amount of each jackpot on its homepage. The site also features videos and photographs of live win moments when players have won a jackpot or bingo game to encourage players. One of the biggest and therefore most popular jackpots featured on the site is the Big Bang Progressive Jackpot which players can win if they manage to get a full house within 32 bingo calls. This jackpot has been known to reach sums as big as $17k and was most recently won by a player called “Kyrasmum”.

Live Bingo also features a second type of progressive jackpot called room jackpots, which are special jackpots specific to each bingo room available at the site. Players will find the BingBling Jackpot, Celebrity Jackpot, Bubblegum Jackpot, Millionaire Jackpot and Hollywood Jackpot up and running. To win a room jackpot a player will need to get a full house within 40 balls. The Bing Bling Jackpot and the Bubblegum Jackpot are very popular at the site as they have low priced bingo games. players who like medium priced games will enjoy the Celebrity Jackpot, while “high roller” bingo players can try the Hollywood and Millionaire room jackpots.


All the progressive jackpots at the site get reset when a lucky player wins it; they then begin growing all over again ready for the next player. For instance, the Big Bang Progressive Jackpot is almost up to $15k now. There is no limit on the amount that players can win with the progressive jackpots at Live Bingo. Jackpots are great if you win them, however, you can capitalize on the free bingo bonuses that are available right now.

Author: Johnson Bleder – Expert of Bingo Online Casinos For US Players

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